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    Rules for starting and Rating topics

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    Rules for starting and Rating topics

    Post by yuaito heyova on Fri Jul 22, 2016 7:35 pm

    Solo topics: if they are events or plot topics for your character they get a pass exams and training topics dont

    Exam topics: exams must be taken in character with other academy students in your village in order to rank up. They must be overseen by your village head and must be staff reviewed

    Training topics: they must be done with two people or with a team. All training topics have a wordcount requirement.

    Social topics: They are non combat topics, usually to establish relationships between characters. Require at least two people, and can be used for character development.

    Death enabled topics: Most topics involving multiple characters will be death enabled, but must request staff review over all character deaths, unless both parties are in agreement.

    Ratings for topics go as followed

    E rated- These topics are suitable for Rpers of all ages. They have little to no violence or explicit language ,and is reserved for non-combat threads.

    T rated-  These are for both combat and non-combat topics. They can have explicit language but usually have no blood and/or gore. This will be the usual rating for topics.

    M rated- anything goes in these topics. They can have explicit language and allow more mature users to RP without censor ship. All combat guidelines still apply.

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