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yuaito heyova (done)

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1yuaito heyova (done) Empty yuaito heyova (done) on 10/6/2016, 2:41 pm

Character Name: yuaito heyova
Nickname: spider princess yuaito
Age: 14
Gender: dual gender
Sexuality / Gender Preference: females
Home Village: leaf
Current Village: leaf
Clan: http://narutolostvillage.forumotion.com/t27-heyova-clan-done#29 hyeova clan
Kekkei Genkai: http://narutolostvillage.forumotion.com/t23-inner-spider?nid=15#37
Personilty: Yuaito is short tempered brash and sarcastic. She is also kind funny friendly. Or around her preferred gender abit of a perv. unless she likes someone then she will come off as either kind or she will act like a tsundere especially in the case of her childhood friend rima Uchiha who she has had a crush on for some time. often calling her baki or uchiha rarely calling her by her first name. they entered the academy at the same time and were picked to be on the same team. rima is very friendly to her.  

  • rima

  • drinks that can get her drunk

  • being a ninja

  • spiders

  • webs

  • the color black


  • the color pink

  • the lost village

  • people who want to harm her village

  • uysia

  • the sight of bones

  • people who pick on the weak

Alignment:  Chaotic Good
Jutsu Type: Genjutsu
Height: 1.83
Weight: 77.1107 Kilograms
Physical Appearance: yuaito is a tall 6'0 foot tall girl of the age of fourteen. She is muscled yet holds an hourglass figure. she has long red hair and blue eyes. She weighs 120 pounds. She is also duel gender but see's herself as female. hrer masurments are 36J,23, 36 giving her a large rack to go along with her hourglass and muscled figure.
Clothing: she wear an acdamy uniform with her team name and number on the back along with the symbole of the leaf village she wears her head band on her head as a head gurd and one on her belt two on her arms as part of the standard issue inform for the academy.

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