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Sukoru, Ryouta [WIP]

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1Sukoru, Ryouta [WIP] Empty Sukoru, Ryouta [WIP] on 8/3/2017, 8:49 pm

Character Name: Ryouta Sukoru
Nickname: Gaka (Means painter; relates to his painting hobby); Suta (Short for Sutakkuappu; means stuck-up. Some take his reserved nature for arrogance)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality / Gender Preference: Heterosexual
Home Village: Kumogakure
Current Village: Kumogakure
Clan: Sukoru Clan
Kekkei Genkai: Ranton (Storm Release)
Ryouta can be described as being a rather stoic and reserved person. While it would be incorrect to call him something such as phlegmatic, it's difficult to claim that he's expressive with his emotions. Due to his upbringing as the son of the head of the Sukoru, he was taught to not reveal his thoughts as to have some sort of upper hand in conversations. These teachings have instilled within the young heir, though he can switch it off and on when it comes to his voice. If one were to listen carefully to Ryouta's tones, they can quite easily tell what the man is feeling, especially when he's talking about something he's passionate about. It's from here, that someone could realize that Ryouta is quite the "interesting" and emotional person. He sees a lot about the world around him, and artful is certainly a trait that could describe the shinobi. If one were to talk to Ryouta, it wouldn't take them long to realize that he has an obsession with art, specifically painting and the power that they hold to captivate emotions.

  • Likes

    • Anything sour
    • Fuu lions

  • Hobbies

    • Painting
    • Sculpturing

  • Other

    • Ryouta aspires to become a well-known painter
    • He loves the look of a traditional samurai


  • Dislikes

    • Anything spicy (it burns his tongue too much)
    • The uniforms for the samurai in the Land of Iron

  • Fears

    • Mannequins; it's a fear that originates from his youth. It makes it extremely difficult for Ryouta to fight Puppetry Jutsu.
    • The sea

  • Prejudices

    • Kumogakure; call it patriotism, but as far as Ryouta is concerned, Kumogakure is the best village
    • Genjutsu; to Ryouta, the use of Genjutsu is a coward's weapon due to the fact they create illusions instead of actual combat.

Alignmemt: Lawful Neutral
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu  (Suiton, Raiton, Ranton)

Sukoru, Ryouta [WIP] ENCLECh
Height: 182cm (6'0 ft)
Weight: 75kg (167 lbs)
Physical Appearance:
Ryouta is a tall and lean teenage boy with an athletic body. He doesn't have any noticeable scars, save for a dark pink nick along the side of his neck from when a kunai had grazed him. He has dark blue hair with a lighter shade of blue for his eyes. Many would call Ryouta a rather handsome man due to his well-groomed appearance, stylish hair, and easy to look at facial features.
Due to his upbringing and status as a Kumo-Nin, Ryouta dresses like every other shinobi in Kumogakure. First off, he wears a long black top that gathers around the waist to give a sash-like appearance. The top also has a high collar, a zip down the front, and sleeves that end at his elbows. Along with it, Ryouta wears a one-strapped white flak jacket (the strap goes around his right shoulder), and he keeps his arms covered in bandages with black colored forearm guards. For bottoms, he wears cargo pants that are similarly colored to his top and tucks into a pair of white shin guards with red accents. The final things to note are his open-toed Shinobi sandals, the black-colored fingerless gloves, a white pouch, and his headband. His Hitai-ate is attached to a white cloth tied around his left bicep while the pouches are attached to a white strap that's tied around his right thigh in a x-like shape, with a mirroring strap wrapped around his left thigh that is partly hidden by the sash-like ends of his top.

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