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Storm Release

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1 Storm Release on 8/3/2017, 8:59 pm

Clan / Character Name: Ryouta Sukoru; the Sukoru Clan
Kekkei Genkai Name: Ranton (Storm Release)
Type: Elemental Release; Water and Lightning Release
Description: Ranton is the combination of both Water and Lightning Release. Despite the name of this certain KKG, Storm Release actually appears as energy beams (water streams with bright lightning being conducted inside) that are capable of being guided towards the user's targets. This KKG allows its user to use ninjutsu relating to Storm Release, Water Release, and Lightning Release.
Duration: Storm Release is instant.
Strengths: (Place a minimum of 3 strengths for the KKG. This could be elemental advantages, high range, good utility, etc.)

  • Covers Suiton's weakness to Doton due to the presence of Raiton within the release
  • High Range
  • Good utility

Weaknesses: (To all strengths go weaknesses to prevent over-the-top OP abilities, PvP-wise. This could be elemental disadvantage, deals damage to the user, low range, etc.)

  • Weaker against Fuuton due to the presence of Raiton within the release
  • Difficult to control (once set in a certain direction, it's difficult to change its direction)
  • Not subtle at all (due to its bright nature, it's difficult to use Storm Release while trying to stay hidden)

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