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    site plot wip

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    site plot wip

    Post by yuaito heyova on Wed Aug 10, 2016 12:23 pm

    The site plot is a mix of Au and Cannon Plot

    Post fourth ninja war

    After the fourth ninja war peace returned to the world due to the efforts of the allied villages. These being the Leaf, Sound, Sand, Mist and Cloud enjoyed many years of peace. To today these village remain close allies.  many new clans and villages have since popped up a lot of them natural. These villages have debuted new abilities and techniques never seen before the war. 

    After the war, The allied shinobi forces split. The Cloud and Mist allied on one side while on the other were the Leaf and Sand  and sound Villages. Small villages were involved in the same country were included in that alliance. The lands of Stone and Iron remained outside of alliances, and both sides are eager to recruit them to give them an advantage. (se the death a hero arc to find out why the split)

    the death of a hero
    The kages of the villages were killed one by one, leaving the villages leaderless. The one worst affected was the leaf, who lost both thier kage and villages jinchuriki in one fell swoop. New leaders stepped up in all the villages, leaving the new generation to take over. the slpit after the war was chased by the daths of the kages
    the new team seven
    ten years after the formtion of team seven a new team seven is formed

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