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    Stat Rules

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    Stat Rules

    Post by King Vance III on Thu Aug 11, 2016 12:09 pm

    Stat System

    Here we follow five main attributes, or commonly referred to as stats. These stats are:

    Durability / Bulk
    Chakra Reserve
    Chakra Power

    Each stat contributes to the others, in a giant star-shape, if you will. One always directly affects the others. Chakra power can be used to increase your bulk, but you'd need a high chakra reserve to do it. That being said, not every ninja in the world will be exactly the same, but we'll touch up on that later.

    Strength: The classic strength, this determines striking power and melee damage, as well as your overall lifting power. 1 point of strength increases your overall lifting power by 20 lbs, and all ninja start off with a lift weight of 100 lbs. Damage will be talked about later.

    Durability / Bulk: This is otherwise known as your HP reserve. HP always starts at 100, and you have a choice as to whether or not you want to increase that HP. 1 point of Bulk increases your HP by 25.

    Speed: Speed determines your dodge rate and overall... Speed. It's pretty simple really, you run faster with the more you put in speed points.

    Chakra Reserve: This is the amount of chakra you have overall. A ninja's chakra reserve depletes when using jutsu, and they refill over time. Total chakra load based on rank is told in the Jutsu Rules, but know that 1 chakra point increases chakra reserve by 20.

    Chakra Power: Chakra Power is the overall power of your jutsu. Points added to chakra only increase the power of justu damage and effectiveness. 1 point of chakra power increases your damage from every jutsu by 2. charkra power also increase with eatch rank gained and some missions will even reward you with chakra power.

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