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rules and roles for staff

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1 rules and roles for staff on 9/2/2016, 8:01 pm

  • Despite your position of authority on the site, every and all staff members are expected to follow site rules.
  • A staff member is not to harass or bully a site member, especially when grading an app.
  • If a staff member fails to follow these rules, then they will be given a warning. If the warning is not followed, then they will receive a ban depending on their offense. Continued abuse of their power will be followed by a stripping of their title and a possible ban.
  • Any additional rule will be added in time.

Positions and their Duties

General Mod

A general mod is expected to help the admins run the site, enforce the rules, and complete any necessary tasks.

  • Rule enforcement
  • App gradings
  • Upgrading plot and events
  • General upkeep of the site
  • Fill in for absent staff members
  • DM events

Plot Mod

Plot mods are expected to help both the staff and Lost Village's members with the creations of plots. These could range from site-wide events, village only events, to personal character plots.

  • Update main site plot and events
  • Approve plot requests made by site members
  • Assist in creating plot for staff-run events
  • DM events

Creation Mod

Creation mods are expected to help both the staff and Lost Village's members with the creations of jutsu, characters, weapons, etc.

  • Grade apps
  • Create staff-controlled NPCs
  • Create special event items and weapons
  • Create special event jutsu and KKGs

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